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Negotiation Consulting


You are facing a crucial negotiation? We prepare you specifically for it. 

In the often limited time available for preparing your upcoming negotiation, we aim to provide you with the best possible support. We show you how to not only safeguard your interests during negotiations but also foster and expand a good relationship with the customer. 


Your Task – Our Solution

We will meet you where you are, delivering valuable and quickly applicable negotiation knowledge and skills in the shortest time possible. Together, we systematically prepare for the upcoming negotiation case.

We guide you on how to tactically optimize the parameters of your offer in negotiations and successfully apply them at the negotiating table.

Our expertise is grounded not only in our own sales and procurement experience from our past roles in the business but also in many years of consulting and training clients from various industries. We have accompanied both sales professionals and buyers, as well as decision-makers, developing a deep understanding of how each side operates.


Efficient Preparation – Even for Tough Negotiations

Our goal is for you and your team to be familiar with and master a wide range of negotiation techniques: from interest-based win-win approaches like the Harvard Concept to confrontational – sometimes perceived as manipulative – methods that the other party might employ.


Conversations with different partners on the buyer's side usually require different and, at first glance, sometimes contradictory mindsets: we prepare you specifically for scenarios, strategies, and personalities you may encounter. Because not only larger companies often deploy long-experienced and well-trained buyers who use tough strategies and tactics to shake the price expectations of the other party. We also prepare you and your team for such critical situations, including short but challenging case-specific simulations and role plays.


Upon request, we are available not only during the preparation phase but also as a background contact during the negotiations.

Seminars and Training


In our open and in-house seminars, we impart comprehensive negotiation knowledge and skills.


Our Content

  • Development of negotiation strategies
  • Negotiation psychology
  • The art of persuasion
  • Communication – even with difficult negotiating partners
  • Recognizing and deflecting manipulations
  • Negotiating as a team
  • Cultural aspects, negotiating internationally

Here's a small selection of our seminar formats

  • Crash Course – Successful Negotiation 
    online training
  • Successful Negotiation
    1 or 2 days, online or on-site
  • Negotiating in Difficult Situations
  • Negotiating Across Borders

Keynotes, Lectures, Workshops


We are delighted to offer you a keynote, lecture, or workshop on negotiation-related topics for your event. Simply send us an inquiry. Let yourself be inspired.

Here is a selection of previous lectures, keynotes, and presentations:


Science-Based Negotiation in Practice

Seminar for the Master's program "Applied Ethics and Conflict Management" at Friedrich Schiller University Jena. Offered every winter term. Lecturer: Herbert Utz
Takes place every winter semester.


Human Resorces Development: Success Factor Negotiation Competence

Lecture at Mehrwert München


Negotiating 4.0 – How to Create Trust and Reliability Online?

Lecture at Mehrwert München


Entrepreneurial Ethos from a Negotiation Perspective.

Lecture as part of the "ta ethika" series at the Ethics Center of Friedrich Schiller University Jena.


Negotiating Successfully Worldwide. Bull's Eyes and Pitfalls on Five Continents.

How to defuse cultural minefields, build trust, negotiate better deals, and cultivate international business relationships. In this lecture, you will also learn the basics of negotiation technique according to the Harvard principle.
Lecture at the Service Provider Day of the Eselsohr Agency, Sonthofen


Do Women Negotiate Differently?

Women in negotiation situations still struggle with traditional gender roles: Men are allowed to be tough, while women are expected to be generous and warm – often even yielding. This means women must negotiate better to achieve as much as men!

There are ways out of this dilemma. Herbert Utz reveals, through exciting examples, how women can successfully negotiate despite and sometimes with the existing role stereotypes. He shows how, in doing so, one can strengthen their own position, build and maintain long-term, trusting business relationships.
Lecture at the Service Provider Day of the Eselsohr Agency, Sonthofen


Don't Negotiate Yourself into Trouble. Negotiation Tips for Your Success.

Lecture at the Partner Meeting of the Munich Building Forum


Lecture: Negotiating Across Cultures

Lecture at the Adam Smith Seminar (Professor Dr. Wolfgang Holler) at Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich

Is it appropriate to shake hands with the female assistant of your Arabian customer? Is it smart to send your youngest coworker to negotiate with a Japanese delegation? How should you welcome a Mexican head buyer? What are the best arguments to convince a French engineer? And what is the right way to use a fork in England?

In order to conduct international negotiations with success, you need to know the culture of your counterpart: How to avoid cultural pitfalls. How to build trust. How to get better deals. And how to make flourish your international business relationships.


Don't Negotiate Yourself into Trouble! 
Negotiation Tips for Your Success.

All millers know: Selling flour can be challenging. Especially when the price is the last negotiation argument. Let a professional explain how to approach negotiations correctly. Taking away information and knowledge from this lecture can only benefit your business success.
Lecture at the 41st Volkach Annual Conference of the Bavarian Millers' Association


Negotiating can be learned – don't let yourself be taken for a ride!

Lecture at the Networking Meeting of MUT Munich


Our Brain Sets Traps. Don't Fall into Them When Negotiating!

Our brain is a wonderful instrument that has evolved over millions of years. However, it also has some pitfalls. Much happens subconsciously and automatically, we make mistakes, promise things, get lost, and can be deceived. There are patterns and mechanisms, many of which are now known and researched. Negotiation expert Herbert Utz will present some of the traps of our brain and show how to protect yourself from them. Also, especially in negotiation situations where a lot of money is at stake.
Lecture at Mehrwert München


Do Women Negotiate Better?

Keynote by Herbert Utz at "W.I.N Women in Network" Regensburg


Negotiate Better Deals

Herbert Utz as a speaker at Rotary Club Munich Airport:
Orange meets Cherry. Yesterday evening, Herbert Utz from max57 explained what negotiating has to do with an orange at the Rotary Club Munich Airport (RC Munich Airport). A very fruitful lecture with valuable tips for immediate implementation. Thank you, Herbert. (Susanne Büttner)