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max57 is supporting companies and organizations worldwide for many years in preparing for and conducting successful negotiations.


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Our Team


Knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm are integral to the success of our training and consulting services.



Every trainer and consultant at max57 holds an academic degree and continuously engages in further education. We only convey content and methods that are thoroughly researched and scientifically recognized.


We place great emphasis on transparency: in our training materials, we cite our sources and provide book recommendations for those who wish to delve deeper.



All members of our team have been successful entrepreneurs, specialists, and executives for many years – most for decades. We have firsthand knowledge of what matters in negotiations.



All of us at max57 continue to work in our respective fields and are involved with max57 primarily out of enthusiasm. It brings us joy to share our knowledge and experience with you. This enthusiasm is contagious and positively influences the success of our training and consulting services.

Our Solutions for You


Negotiation skills and knowledge still too rarely taught in schools and universities. This is astonishing considering how crucial it is for our daily lives and professional success.

At max57, we have been assisting companies and organizations worldwide for many years in preparing for and conducting successful negotiations.



Facing a crucial negotiation? We prepare you specifically for it.



In our open and in-house seminars, we impart solid negotiation knowledge and skills.


Keynotes, Lectures, Workshops

We are happy to offer you a keynote, lecture, or workshop on negotiation-related topics for your event.



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A selection of previous clients of our team members.


  • »Highlighted the tools to make me negotiate more successfully.«

  • »... good examples from real life, attention to cultural differences,  instructor has good sense of humor.«
  • »The material was produced in an effective way without feeling like scholarly.«

  • »The instructor and his insights and teachings are up to date on academic research.«

  • »Instructor has exceptional communication skills – clear and concise.«